Have you ever wondered where food intolerances and allergies come from?

IMG_6303Well they are actually emotional responses. If you were eating your favorite meal like chicken tacos and found out some bad news like a loved one has passed or your boyfriend or girlfriend is breaking up with you. The next time you eat chicken tacos you probably won’t feel well and you’ll feel how you did when you got the bad news. Then you’ll develop a small or big intolerance with the chicken taco. We are emotional human beings and our body doesn’t forget any experience!! The most common food intolerance is eggs since they are in almost everything! With the Crossinology Brain Integration technique I’m able to clear people of almost any food intolerance or allergy. I just recently cleared my client Caleb of eggs. Here he is eating eggs for the first time in over a year of staying away from them due to a bad intolerance. Contact me today to get rid of your food allergies and intolerances!

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