Shelby Kremin
Shelby Kremin

When I was five years old I was diagnosed with a number of learning disabilities and ADHD. I always had to work 10 times harder than everyone else in school. It was hard for me to focus and multi-task. I also had major anxiety before exams and speaking in front of the class. Teachers would constantly tell my parents that school would always be difficult for me. I also spent a good portion of my life being sick with sinus infections and headaches. My mother would always take me to many doctors and their remedies to fix my illness were always antibiotics. For years I took antibiotics not truly knowing the harmful side effects from them. I also had horrible allergies which caused me to have extreme fatigue. I was referred to an allergist, like most people and I had started allergy shots. This, of course, made me feel worse and brought on severe migraines.

At 18 years of age, I had graduated from high school and I had struggled with weight gain, horrible migraines and pure exhaustion. I went off to college and continued with not feeling well, but got used to this way of life because I wanted to fit in and be normal!! My second year of college I started a workout regime with some girlfriends. After two weeks, I ended up fracturing the tibia in both legs. Little did I know that I had the beginning stages of Osteoporosis! Crazy at 19 years of age!! Due to many years of taking these harmful antibiotics, my immune system became extremely weak and my body developed allergies to anything natural, such as; calcium or vitamin D. My mom had brought me to countless doctors and naturopaths to try to help me with all or any of these symptoms.

Nothing worked until we stumbled across Crossinology® Brain Integration Technique! I was fortunate to have found this woman Susan McCrossin’s website who is the cofounder of Crossinology® BIT, which helps people get rid of, yes get rid of, ADD, ADHD, severe learning disabilities, all types of allergies, reset muscles from sports injuries and quicken the length of recovery. After a full week of sessions with Susan McCrossin in Colorado, I began to see major changes in my life. After a month I lost over 30 pounds, applied for graduate school and took prerequisite exams without anxiety. I was also allergy free!! In less than a year, I completed my Masters in teaching at National Louis University graduating Summa Cum Laude. My ADHD and learning disabilities were eradicated! Nothing was holding me back! I was able to see the TOTAL transformation that this work does. I was 100% productive, organized, and focused. Furthermore, my reading and writing skills improved immensely and I didn’t have test and performance anxiety!

It sounds impossible, but this technique works!! I had ADHD and was diagnosed with several learning disabilities when I was five years old. Susan McCrossin developed this technique which is a form of energy work that uses Applied Kinesiology and acupressure to reprogram the brain! She is truly a saint and I’m forever grateful for her!! She has been using this technique for the past 30 years and has been working on people in Boulder, Colorado, for the past 25 years! She’s helped so many people, but even though there are many non-believers! Why? Because it doesn’t involve someone giving you medication! Americans are so accustomed for a quick fix.

After being in the classroom as a high school teacher for 6 years I realized that I wanted to help the students that I saw struggling every day. This is why I decided to pursue this life changing career as a Crossinology® Brain Integration Practitioner.

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Shelby also works independently with business employees throughout the Chicago area.